is a site written and ran by a 24-year-old single mother. In it she describes the trials she has faced, and lessons she has learned, from being a young mother, to married and divorced, to suffering from PTSD, depression as a result of sexual assault and domestic violence, in an effort to let others that may be experiencing some of the same things, know that they are not alone. She is also hoping that if she can change her thinking, and views, she can prove, that people who come from hardship are still capable of living a happy and full life! She has hope, and is willing to share!

Our Facebook page is a place for her readers to interact, and see how many more people are the understanding to the pressing issues, we feel are to complicated to other’s to talk about.
She does not have all of the answers, we as mankind depend on each other for knowledge and evolution. Please feel free to express your opinions, thoughts, and beliefs free of judgment, just so long as you keep an open mind to the response you might receive.

Thank you for contributing your opinion, if you have any questions or concerns you wish to vent, please send Tala a private message. Thanks!

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